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Priscilla Block 'Welcome To The Block Party (Deluxe)' Album Review

Priscilla Block took the country scene by storm with the release of the TikTok viral track "Just About Over You" and her debut album, Welcome To The Block Party which followed in 2022. With help from songwriters like Sarah Jones, the album is lyrically and musically a success. Just coming off of a tour, Priscilla Block decided to release a deluxe version of the album. With four additional songs, “Welcome To The Block Party (Deluxe)” hit streaming services on February 11th, 2023.

The first new song, “Getting Even," is almost a play on words. Unexpectedly, the title is used in the sense of Block “getting even stronger” or “getting even smarter." In this story-telling track, instead of a woman getting revenge, she’s focusing on her own personal growth. This is the perfect song to help anyone get over a breakup. The band in the background is working as hard as Block on the vocals and is helping to build moments of intensity for the listener.

“Me Pt. 2” is a heartbreaking offering about the reflection after someone you like chooses to be with someone else. Lines like, “Was there something more / In her baby blues / You didn’t see in mine” and “I hope you’re happy / You found me pt. 2” make the listener connect to the story and feel for Block. The stripped-down nature of the song at the beginning not only helps convey the nature of the story but also makes the introduction of the band so much more impactful. Even though the addition of the band is only a light drum set and some guitar fills, it helps to elevate the song.