Randall King 'Shot Glass' Album Review

Randall King is an upcoming country artist signed to Warner Nashville who released his debut album today, titled Shot Glass. Just days before, King made his first appearance at the Grand Ole Opry, where he had a live performance to tease his upcoming project. The Texas native has been selected as a Top Country Artist to Watch for 2022 by the streaming service, Pandora. King listened to classics such as George Strait and Alan Jackson growing up

which is clearly reflected in his original sound.

With his charm and charisma, he has created an album that carries a Western essence. In a press release, it was shared that the album’s story “centers around a night out at the bar, with each song representing a different point of view of those in the room.” This cowboy is an old-fashioned gentleman, and it shows through his music. The work of King has a traditional quality to it that caters to all country music lovers. Shot Glass has a pleasant mixture of rock and soft melodies, showing off both the fun and vulnerable sides of King.

“Roger, Miller Lite, and Me” is the perfect soundtrack to a night out with friends. King shows off his party side in this upbeat track that features a musical composition of a fiddle and an electric guitar. This fierce tune makes you want to roll the windows down and turn up the speakers exuding a summery feel.

With another delicious instrumental of guitar and drums comes the romance song “Can’t You Feel How That Sounds?" King works his country magic in this tune as he sings about the lady he's crushing on. It’s a slow-building song that will get the joyful feelings going in the bar.

In “Around Forever,” King presents his soft nature to reflect his relationships with family, friends, and significant others. It’s a moving tune that carries emotional lyrics from King, in which he reflects on the memories of those close to him and the many futures they might hold. With soft acoustic strum, King offers us a reminder to savor our moments with loved ones.

The title track, “Shot Glass,” shares similar tones of recollection. As it hints, the song ponders how so many memories can come about from a shot glass. A gentle steel guitar accompanies a fiddle in this country tune as they echo behind King’s soothing vocals.

After experiencing King's introductory LP, it is clear why so many people are putting him on the list of artists to keep an eye on. King is producing fresh country music that has notes of traditional western guidance.

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