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Randy Rogers Band “Picture Frames” Song Review

Randy Rogers Band brings the perfect level of personality and relatability to the Texas Country scene with the release of “Picture Frames.” Singer-songwriter and band-front, Randy Rogers, sings alongside his five trusty band members over 20 years after they formed in San Marcos, Texas. The lyrics of “Picture Frames” along with the images in the lyric video can be seen as a celebration of that 20 years, as the band invites us into an intimate look at their lives, all while relating to fans around the nation.

The video includes pictures from the band’s life, all while correlating to the lyrics written by the band’s own Randy Rogers along with Drew Kennedy. They celebrate 20 years together with fiddle-laced sound, heartfelt lyrics, and a visual that encapsulates the feeling of nostalgia, love, and the celebration that comes along with it. The song is a true testament to relationships, not only the ones that the band has built with each other, but that listeners experience every day.

“Where do the years go / These tiny little windows / Hanging on a hallway wall we walk by every day / Damn time flies outside these picture frames.”

Personal lyrics made from individual experiences include memories of watching the sunrise on Bourbon street and smiling at the camera in the Florida Keys. Although these are the band’s own experiences, the song and the video altogether bring a sense of “home” to anyone that listens — whether you grew up with the band or this is your first time listening. Bringing their work as a band full-circle, they reconnect with their original producer, Radney Foster, to take their sound back to where it all began.

“Picture Frames” is just the first taste of what the band has in store for next Spring — promising a new album marking their two decades together as a band.

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