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Riley Green Releases Two New Songs

Riley Green continues to give his fans what they ask for most: new music. The singer released tracks "Get BackHome" and "I Hope She's Drinkin' Tonight" over the weekend.

This isn't the first time Green has released two songs in one night. In June, he released "Miles On Main" and "Wild Woman" which impressed fans and critics alike. Green has become known for his authentic style and down-home country appeal. Nicknamed the "Duckman," his following grows more and more with ever release and social media post.

"Get Back Home" is a sweeping track about realizing you might've made a mistake in thinking you needed to get of a small town to find happiness. Green sings, "If that grass ain't as green as you thought it was / And a good old boy might be good enough / That's somethin' you can only get back home / o get back home." The lyrics along with the melody brings a new perspective on how our wants and needs could change.

"I Hope She's Drinkin' Tonight" has an up-beat tempo about matters of the heart. Knowing the person you're thinking about i only going to call you if they are drinking can be a low feeling. Somehow, Green still manages to make a song about that idea sound like a hit. "If he's a little bit tipsy / She just might ell me she's missed me / Any luck she'll kiss me." These new songs should be an indication a new album might be on its way.

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