Thomas Rhett Releases “Church Boots” & “Angels” Off New Album

Since Thomas Rhett’s debut album “It Goes Like This” in 2013, his music has consistently combined classic country guitar and drum patterns with nuanced lyrics and themes which brings country music closer towards modern audiences. His realistic understanding of both the joys and the hardships of life allow audiences to connect with his music regardless of background and gives his music a down-to-earth quality. The same can be said for Rhett’s newest singles, “Angels” and “Church Boots”, both of which will be featured on his upcoming album Where We Started, which is set to release on April 1, 2022.

While both featured on the same album, “Angels” and “Church Boots” have different tones, which brings variety to the voice of the album. “Angels”, written about struggling to maintain positivity but managing to do so with a strong support system, offers a realistic yet beautiful perspective on how important human connection is through struggle. The slower rhythm of the guitar and drums incites an emotional reaction upon listening, allowing the listener to empathize with Rhett in a profound way.

“You shoulda slammed the door / Changed the lock and said adios / To my selfish heart, tore it apart and left me alone / Don’t know why you were patient and wasted good savin’ on me / Maybe angels don’t always have wings.”

“Church Boots”, in contrast, provides a more upbeat tone to compliment “Angels”, with themes such as tradition and finding joys in small details. Opening with a sound effect, “click clack”, the twanginess of the instruments provides an artfully done introduction into a song which in many ways encapsulates the small-town feel of appreciating what you have.

Thomas Rhett Angels Church Boots

“Yeah, most folks stay the same here / Same town, sundown, drink the same beer / And my future looks a lot like my past / Nothin’ wrong with that.”

While the songs are different stylistically, allowing variety on the album, they are similar in that they both discuss the importance of community, support, and tradition, especially during difficult periods. With Where We Started slated to drop in the next few months, Thomas Rhett is expected to continue to impress and bring a fresh new sound to 2022.

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