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Tiffany Woys 'All About Love' EP Review

West coast native and Nashville dreaming independent recording artist Tiffany Woys has released her third career EP titled All About Love.

Following her most recent single, “About Love” that is featured on the anticipated project, Woys is welcoming much newness to her life in this season which is evident in the subject matter she sings about. The tracks on the EP that are listed as follows:

  1. “About Love” (Jason Saenz, Sara Haze, Sam Ellis)

  2. “Own This Town” (Sam Ellis, Sara Haze, Heather Morgan)

  3. “Wear It Out” (Tammi Kidd Hutton, Nathan Spicer, Sarah Allison Turner)

  4. “I Don't Want You Back” (Jason Saenz, Sara Haze, Jon Mclaughlin)

  5. “I'll Meet You There” (Emily Shackelton, busbee, Hannah Ellis)

  6. “Probably Wouldn't Be This Way” (Tammi Kidd, John Kennedy)

“About Love” acts as what could be a sneaky camera recording the longtime love she has with her new fiancé Jeff Siddiqi with lyrics like in the chorus like, “Two hearts beating in the back seat / wa-wa-waiting on your phone to ring.

Cheery, vulnerable, and honest, it’s difficult to make what everyone would call your typical love song have your own flair these days, but Tiffany Woys does just that. The Sacramento native was raised on voices like Faith Hill and Shania Twain and made the move to Nashville to pursue her lifelong dream.