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Travis Denning “Jack and Coke” Song Review

Rising star Travis Denning released a new song titled “Jack and Coke” on Friday, July 23. This release comes along with the news Denning will be releasing his new EP Dirt Road Down on August 6th. There is no better way to keep the music-filled summer going than a new song from an artist truly on the verge of stardom.  

Denning is probably most notable for the success he found with “After A Few.” That song went #1 last summer and was one of the most streamed of 2020. Previously released songs  “Call It Country” and “ABBY” are gaining more streams each week.  A singer-songwriter, Denning has written songs recorded by the likes of Jason Aldean and Justin Moore.

“Jack and Coke” was first written by Denning back in 2016. The singer shared on his social media that it was one of the first songs he wrote where he felt excited about its potential. It’s a song about the standard guy-meets-girl scenario, but the two people are named after popular characters Jack and Jill. That element of storytelling makes the chorus especially unique. “Jack meets Jill one late Friday night, in a whole in the wall low lit kinda dive, Jack asks Jill if she wants to dance, a half buzz kiss comes after that.”