Tyler Booth “Beautiful Outlaw” Song Review

Tyler Booth’s new single “Beautiful Outlaw” was released today. He’s been diving into the music scene since 2019. Booth has had success with several of his previous songs including “Long Comes a Girl”, “Hank Crankin’ People”, and “Already Got One”. He’s expanding his discography once again with “Beautiful Outlaw”.

There’s a new yet so familiar feel about this song. The instrumentation is a modern country rock feel with a drum kit, electric and steel guitars, as well some synth/ keys. Booth’s voice, bold and strong, keeps your attention while the butter smooth harmonies will draw you in closer. This track starts with a riff from an electric guitar that grabs your ear for just a moment before his deep vocals come in.

Tyler Booth Beautiful Outlaw

Get ready to be captivated by the dark, raspy tones of his voice, as Booth demands your attention with his deep southern drawl. The full drum kit and twangy steel guitar kick in adding dimension while the electric guitars grooves around the pulsing synth giving that foot-tapping feel.

“I wrote this song one afternoon with Philbilly and Buddy Owens thinking the whole time about this girl I’d crossed paths with at a bar,” Booth exclusively tells The Nash News. “That night I’d had been playing my show and seemed like the whole time I was on stage she was smiling at me. So later when I finished my set I went to find her and she was talking to another guy. I never did get her number or her name but I sure still think about her smiling. All I can say, Wanted: One “Beautiful Outlaw”.”

The lyrics draw a picture of a beauty everybody wants to know, especially the singer, as he expresses his longing for her with the lyrics “she oughta be doing time locked up in my arms, facing 25 to life for starting fire in the bar”. The song will continue to make your head bob along as he goes into detail fantasizing about this drop-dead beauty who is overflowing with sultry southern confidence and a country drawl. In an upbeat manner, Booth describes a girl who every guy wants, and every girl wants to be. He’s drooling over her and you will be too. I’m sure whoever she is, she gets her kicks over being so recklessly desired, making her a “Beautiful Outlaw”.

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