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Tyler Braden “Ways To Miss You” Song Review

Rising country act Tyler Braden has always kept his songwriting brutally truthful and in his latest release, “Ways To Miss You” nothing has changed as he shows off his rock influenced side mixed with the honest storytelling that comes with the traditional roots of country music. The song is a raging breakup anthem and in his own words Braden said, “There’s no shortcut and no best kept secrets in getting over someone, and that’s the story I’m hoping to share with this one.”

The song has a sad subject matter, the lyrics written by Braden, Michael Whitworth, and Mark Holman (also a producer on the record) center around getting over a breakup. The lyrics are filled with imagery as Braden sings about whiskey glasses, southern stars, old photographs, and neon lights. At the end of each chorus, he realizes the newfound coping mechanisms aren’t working as he exclaims, “I’m trying to find a way to forget you / But all I’ve found are all new ways to miss you.”

What this song does so wonderfully is juxtapose dejected lyrics that tell an unhappy story with an upbeat, vivacious instrumental that is worthy of headbanging to. The song shows that sometimes you have to rock out through the ups and downs of a heartbreak and simply let loose. The drums are mighty and the electric guitars that are used in the track shine as they add an element of exhilaration.

Tyler Braden

Braden’s grainy vocals are passionate, angry, and do a great job of conveying his exasperated emotions and once again, his songwriting is notable because it’s easily relatable and sympathetic.

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