Undiscovered: Five Sheryl Crow Songs We Think You’ll Love

Sheryl Crow has been gracing the music scene for decades now. The nine-time Grammy award winner recently kicked off a few Chris Stapleton shows and celebrated her release Live From The Ryman this past summer. Today she is celebrating her 60th birthday. In honor of another year around the sun, here are our favorite undiscovered Sheryl Crow songs.

1. “Drunk With The Thought of You”

“Drunk With The Thought of You,” written by Crow exclusively, confesses the cravings of wholesomeness and the high of a new flame. It’s honeycombed with influences from Crow’s earliest records even though it came out on the singer-songwriter’s 2008 album Detours. 

2. “Hard To Make A Stand”

“Hard To Make A Stand” is the third single off of Crow’s self-titled record that also housed the single “If It Makes You Happy.” The song was only released as a single in Europe, Japan, Canada, and South Africa. A lot of stigma centers on this composition as it depicts controversial subjects such as abortion. Written by Crow, Bill Bottrell, Todd Wolfe, R.S Bryan, the song blends a perfect harmony of indie rock pulls and newfangled alternative makings.

“My friend, O’ Lawdy / Went to take care of her own body / She got shot down in the road / She looked up before she went / Said, “This isn’t really what I meant” / And the Daily News said, “Two with one stone” / And I say “Hey there, Miscreation, bring a flower, time is wastin'” / And it’s hard to make a stand / And it’s hard to make a stand / Oh it’s hard to make a stand / You know it’s hard to make a stand / Yes it is.”

3. “Lullaby For Wyatt”

The 14th slot on the songsmith’s 2008 collection Detours stands at a mere four minutes and seven seconds and has Crow detailing her love for her son Wyatt. The singer adopted Wyatt in 2007 soon after he was born and then adopted her youngest son Levi in 2010. The song hosts Crow’s signature guitar stylistics coupled with a breathy piano line as she sings, “How do I keep you from losing your way / Hope you’ll go out and you’ll come back someday / But love is letting go / And this I’ll know / ‘Cause you were mine / For a time.”

4. “Roller Skate”

“Roller Skate” is one of Crow’s more recent arrangements with a release date in 2017. Written by Crow herself alongside Jeffrey Trott, the collection Be Myself houses the sassy tune as the singer-songwriter is longing for the need to put down technology and get more fresh air. 

5. “We Oughta Be Drinking”

“We Oughta Be Drinking,” written by Crow, Chris Dubois, and Luke Laird, depicts the simplicity of just staying home and enjoying a night in. It’s a hand-crafted making layered with customary country components with a shy dose of brushes and perky strings. It’s midtempo in nature and encompasses an all-around good vibe. Crow sings, “Well it’s one of them nights, feels like we oughta be drinkin’ / We gotta get a little rowdy like we’re living in a country song / But some nights are made for staying at home / Sitting on the couch, watching TV alone / But tonight it sure feels like we oughta be drinkin.”

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