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You're Invited To: The Nash News' Fourth Girls Night Out Writer's Round

The Nash News is eager to hold its fourth Girls Night Out Writers Round at Assembly Food Hall at the Fifth + Broadway complex in downtown Nashville on Thursday, June 16th from 7-10 p.m. The round will feature performances from Ava Paige, Parker Graye Nicole Miller, Sarah Ryder, Karissa Ella, Paige Rose, Maura Streppa, and Ash Ruder.

Get to know the artists and their music below:

Ava Paige

17-year-old Ava Paige is a Nashville Native and has been pursuing music since she was 10 years old. She just finished her 2.5 yr battle with Leukemia and is active in several charities for pediatric cancer research.

Parker Graye

Parker Graye is on a mission to make country music sad again. Coining her music “Saddies for the Baddies” the Vancouver, BC-based artist warms listeners' hearts by openly sharing her pain lyrically and layering the stories of heartbreak with haunting dreamy Western vocals. Parker is currently finishing her debut EP due out soon.

Nicole Miller

Nicole Miller is a pop-country artist from West Des Moines, Iowa. Miller is part of ASCAP's GPS class of 2021, as well as an NSAI Fresh Finds pick. She looks forward to following her debut EP, Lonely on the Weekend with some new music this year.

Sarah Ryder

In 2019, Sarah Ryder burst onto the scene with an EP titled Feels Like This. Since then, she's put out various singles including the inspiration and moving "Woman" Ryder wrote about all of the amazing women in her life. She also put out the upbeat track "Get Back" in the fall of last year. Her record Seasons Of The Fal