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Mae Estes “Town Left Me” Song Review

Mae Estes is a country artist that came onto the scene in 2019 with her debut track, "Naked." In the past year, she’s been releasing songs nonstop. Singles like “Thinkin Bout Cheatin” and “Run” have been leading up to her newest release, “Town Left Me" which rounds out her debut EP Before the Record. All the strengths found in Estes' previous songs have come to shine in this tune as well.

"Town Left Me" starts with a piano instrumental that creates a feeling of ambiance for the listener. It’s a simple, yet effective, tool to help set it up. This introduction is only one stand-out part of the instrumentation. Estes seems to pay attention to building tension using the band. There will always be a moment of silence or slowing before the band enters a new section. This makes the sections more distinct and the words she’s singing more powerful. There is also a fantastic duet between the voice and the banjo, which makes almost any song better.

Estes is known for her brilliant lyricism, and “Town Left Me” is no exception. Constantly creating vivid imagery, Estes has the ability to put the listener right into her own two shoes. Lines like “Out with the old / Breaking new ground / Ripping my roots and my heart right out” and “How can a place such a part of me / Move right on without skipping a beat?” create a foundation for the audience to get attached to a place that they haven’t even been to.