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Songs I Grew Up On with Kidd G

Rising country singer Kidd G has already cracked over one million monthly listeners on Spotify with his track "Dirt Road" amassing over 50 million streams on the platform. He's already released two full-length records and his most recent single "Lesson Learned" came out in June of 2023. Kidd G sat down to tell The Nash News three songs that influenced him and his style.

1. "Round Here Buzz" by Eric Church

The first song that shaped Kidd G is "Round Here Buzz" by Eric Church. He used to listen to it with his friends sitting around the fire or at the lake. "It really relates to me because I'm from a small town and most of the lyrics just really touch the heart," he notes.

2. "Hail Mary" by Tupac Shakur

Kidd G remembers listening to this track before baseball games growing up. His dad would play it for him to pump him up.

3. "Fast Car" by Tracy Chapman

This was one of the first tracks Kidd G learned how to sing. "I heard it at a summer camp I was at. It's one of my favorites," he shared.

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