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5 Crystal Gayle Songs We Know You’ll Love

Celebrated country music artist Crystal Gayle was born in Paintsville, Kentucky on this day in 1951. Gayle was one of the most successful crossover artists of the 1970s and ’80s known as much for her unique country-pop sound as for her gorgeous floor-length hair.

Gayle has been nominated for several Grammy awards—winning one—and has also won five Academy of Country Music Awards, two Country Music Association Awards, and three American Music Awards. Ranked one of the 100 greatest country artists of all time by Rolling Stone, Gayle was inducted as a member of the Grand Ole Opry in 2017 and has her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Gayle has released 25 studio albums and many hits so you may have missed these 5 Crystal Gayle songs we know you’ll love.

1. “A Woman’s Heart (Is A Handy Place To Be)” (1975) from the album Crystal Gayle

“A woman’s heart’s a handy place to be for a man afraid of givin’ and fightin’ to be free. Yes, a woman’s heart’s a handy place to be. I just wish the heart that’s broken now was not a part of me.”

2. “I’ll Get Over You” (1975) from the album Somebody Loves You

“I’ll get over you. I’ll get through, and when I do I’ll be good as new. When I get over you.”

3. “Oh My Soul” (1976) from the album Crystal

“Oh my soul, oh my soul, oh my soul reaches up to Him for the Saving Grace. Oh my stars, oh my stars, oh my stars are just a vision of His face.”

4. “Make a Dream Come True” (1977) from the album We Must Believe in Magic

“And if I dream the same every night, and every dream finds me holding you tight, and you’re glowing, just knowing that our love is good as new, then maybe I can make a dream come true.”

5. “Hello I Love You” (1978) from the album When I Dream

“You take the darkness out of my night. You’ve shone your sweet love on me so bright. I won’t be lonely, you fill my heart. My blue days have gone forever, now we’ll never part. Hello, I love you. Hello again. You are my sunshine. Shine on again”

Happy Birthday Crystal Gayle!

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