5 Underrated Jordan Davis Songs

The always up-and-coming, always grinning country star Jordan Davis was born on this day in Shreveport, Louisiana in 1988. Davis hit the country scene by moving to Nashville in 2016 just months after his graduation from Louisiana State University where he secured a recording contract with Universal Music Group Nashville. The southern golden boy’s popular tracks include, “Singles You Up,"“But Dirt," and “Slow Dance in a Parking Lot” plus many more. To celebrate Davis here are some of the songs you might’ve missed.

1. “Sundowners” from the album Home State (2018) “Let's say the night is all that we’ve got / And I’m ready for the chase / We can be sundowners, edge of towners, waiting on a spark.”

2. “Need To Not” from the album Buy Dirt (2021) “I know my way to your place / Like the back of my hand / there’s a key on this chain / that’ll spin your lock and let me in."

3. “Lose You” from the album Buy Dirt (2021) “This might not need to be said / But I just want to let you know / I don’t wanna fight / I don’t wanna let you go / Baby, I don’t wanna know what it’s like to lose you.”

4. “Made That Way” from the album Home State (2018) “You’re a Sunday backwards ball cap / Drive too fast when it rains / And you talk like you’re from Charleston / But you’re just made that way."

5. “Dreamed You Did” from the album Home State (2018) “Last night it was so real / I can still feel / You all over me / And I woke up reaching for you / Wanting to hold you.”

Happy birthday Jordan Davis!

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