Aaron Lewis ‘FRAYED AT BOTH ENDS’ Album Review

Aaron Lewis has been subtly leaving his mark on country music for over a decade now. He’s acquired two No. 1 Billboard Country Albums with TOWN LINE and SINNER. Having previously recorded with Willie Nelson, George Jones, Charlie Daniels, Vince Gill, Alison Krauss, Mickey Raphael, the Cox Family, and Dan Tyminski, and producer Buddy Cannon, it comes as no surprise that Lewis is releasing his newest country album, today February 2nd 2022, titled FRAYED AT BOTH ENDS.

A fusion of rock and country, this project is saturated in edginess and fringe. It puts the audience back at their favorite hometown tavern listening to the laments of broken artists courageously expressing personal trials and tribulations. When talking about this album in a press release, Lewis said, “The beauty of country music is that often less is more. These songs did the work, all we needed to do was support them. These players are so gifted, they can say more in a few notes than a lot of people… It was a privilege seeing them bring these stories and feelings to life.”

Lewis himself has co-writing credits on all but two of the tracks on the project which was co-produced by Ben Kitterman and Ira Dean and mixed by 5-time GRAMMY-winning engineer, Chris Lord-Algae. FRAYED AT BOTH ENDS captures Lewis’ distinguishable voice, as well as a stripped-down, haunted vibe setting the mood for absorbing and reflecting.

This mellow collection touches many topics. There are reap-what-you-sew tracks such as “Pull Me Under,” and “Get What You Get”, lullabies like “Kill Me Like You Love Me,” and songs that pull the audience into profound thought like “Again,” “Everybody Talks To God,” and “Am I The Only One”. Lewis doesn’t hold back on giving fans a complex listening experience all while his familiar rasp and harmonies shine through in the perfect moments. This album is a flawless testimony that we are not alone in our struggles, and everybody these days seems to be FRAYED AT BOTH ENDS.

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