Abby Anderson 'Be That Girl' EP Review

If there’s one thing Abby Anderson knows how to do, it’s turn a difficult experience into something beautiful. With the release of her latest EP, Be That Girl, she managed to do just that with five new songs showcasing everything from Anderson’s vocal ability to her lyric writing and musical performance. Each one of the specific tracks has its own unique sounds but still is cohesive in the larger setting of the project itself. The collection tells a story of Anderson’s heartbreak and rediscovering herself as a person she’s proud of.

The EP opens with “Where Did All The Cowboys Go," a melancholic beginning where Anderson laments about how difficult it sometimes seems to find a well-mannered and good intentioned man to support her. The slower and more dramatic music builds the tension as the audience is immediately introduced to the main themes of Be That Girl. “Insecure” chronicles Anderson’s feelings of loneliness in a relationship and determination to feel safe in her own skin. The transition of tones in the song is an excellent bridge between Anderson at the beginning of writing the EP and the end.

"I'm going out tonight / And I'm gonna be alright / When I walk out the door / I won't need you anymore / I just might make a scene / Be somebody else's dream / I ain't who I was before / No, I ain't that anymore / Insecure."

Towards the middle of the track list, in the titular song “Be That Girl," Anderson demonstrates her confidence with a more upbeat style and lyrics showcasing her newfound comfortability in herself. Now recognizing her place, she is able to understand her own worth in a more tangible way. The song is immediately followed by “Bad Posture," where Anderson discovers the source of her unhappiness in her past relationships as she is forced to constrain herself into a mold which serves only to make her partner feel more superior.

“People keep tellin' me I look different / Most days, I feel like I grew a few inches / But I still catch myself questionin' me / There's still parts of you that I still try to please / Just phantom pains of your opinion.”

To conclude the EP, “Even the Stars” finishes the roster of incredible songs with poise and dignity where Anderson has finally found herself. The upbeat piano introduces the song and displays positivity in Anderson’s realization that she is more powerful than she believes but is now a stronger person as a result. Her lyrics speak with the confidence of both a talented writer and a well-lived, wiser person who has gained knowledge and understanding from her negative experiences and turned them into something positive.

Be That Girl is both beautiful and saddening; all five of the songs show a unique perspective beautifully written and wonderfully performed. With songs like “Bad Posture” already reaching over 800,000 listens on Spotify, it’s clear that this project is an excellent edition to Anderson’s growing musical resume, and she’s far from finished making her mark on the country music world.

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