Abby Anderson “Be That Girl” Song Review

To kick off the New Year, Abby Anderson released her new single “Be That Girl”.

This upcoming artist, native to Texas, expresses the desire to be the best version of the girl that a partner seeks in a magical relationship full of love and adventure. The soothing beat of “Be That Girl” helps guide the story in a way that keeps the audience captivated and on their toes in terms of what is to come next. 

“Say you been lookin’ for a good girl / Said all the good girls gone / So you been lookin’ round the whole world, huh? / Well, I’ve been right here all along, mm.”

The song also touches on the importance of learning to be okay with being honest about one’s life. Sometimes, when one meets a person as special as the one this song is about, it is important to learn how to be open in order to make it last. Such honesty allows for the fairytale to never end, keeping the peace and harmony between the individuals that only grows with time. 

Abby Anderson Be That Girl

In the chorus, Anderson touches on the minor details that are often dismissed in these magical moments. She is able to bring them to life and paint a picture for the audience as to what such love looks like, and the things that make a sacrifice worth making.

“A skyline or an ocean view / In a crowd or just me and you / I’ll be the girl that keeps you up all night / And still the only one your mama likes / Barefoot in some cut-off jeans / Classic black in a downtown scene / You can tell me all your wildest dreams / And I’ma make ’em a reality / Yeah, baby, I’ma bе that, be that, be that, be that, bе that girl / For you.”

Anderson’s new track, “Be That Girl”, is a song to get lost in when falling in love, or simply a song to listen to if one needs a reminder as to what this emotion should feel like in the most perfect of moments.

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