Abby Anderson "Even The Stars" Song Review

Abby Anderson released her optimistic new song, “Even the Stars” on March 4th.

Since moving to Nashville at age 17, Anderson has worked hard to propel her career. After releasing her debut EP I'm Good in 2018, Anderson has accumulated over 100 million streams. In 2021, she dropped “Bad Posture,” which is the first single from her upcoming 2022 project.

“Even the Stars” is another single from this forthcoming EP. On Twitter, Anderson explained the song stating, "I finally learned (and still learning) the beautiful thing about feelings is they're just that. Feelings. They come, teach you something, and then leave. I've learned more about myself, found healing, and more love and joy for life when I sit with them and ask them some questions." Her powerful insight inspires others to remain optimistic through trying times, and it also explains the upbeat nature of the song’s instrumentation.

The song begins with the lines “I was on the wrong side of my right mind when I met you,” setting the seemingly solemn atmosphere of the story. This other person or situation Anderson refers to is obviously not someone or something she wants to remember as she notes that she was young and looking for a way out. From this, Anderson learned things she wishes she had not.

The chorus offers a more hopeful ending of this story: “But even the stars fade away / Even the stars burn out one day / Even the stars fade from view / So will you.”

Even as the pain of the memories continues to be drawn out, Anderson asks, “Where does the future start?” showing that she's ready to move on. By the end of the song, Anderson changes to second-person perspective as she offers advice not only to herself but also her audience. The last lyrics in the piece “Oh and all those tears you cry / It’s just a moment in time” allow the listener to believe that healing will come. The actual song ends with the repetition of the third verse, displaying Anderson recognizing that it is much more difficult to completely recover right away.

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