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Abby Anderson 'Sugar Spice' Album Review

At only 25 years old, Abby Anderson is making big strides in her career. On July 15, she released her latest album, Sugar Spice, which displays wisdom well beyond her years in its lyricism and storytelling. After releasing three EPs, Sugar Spice marks Anderson's first full-length LP.

The first song on the album, “Insecure,” succeeds in showcasing a slight R&B/pop feel to complement Anderson’s country sound. It sets the tone for Andersen’s ability to touch on mental health issues in a tasteful way. “I’m going out tonight / And I’m gonna be alright.” Right off the bat, Anderson’s music hooks the listener and sucks the audience into the rest of the album.

“Juicy” continues Anderson’s trend of showcasing her skills in R&B, proving that country has branched far beyond the honky-tonk tracks it's known for. Its lyrics are fun, providing new energy that she is always hinting at as she exclaims, “Say that you don’t like it / Don’t knock it till you try it.” She is adventurous, and so is her music.

The title track, “Sugar Spice,” demonstrates more of Andersen’s country roots with its emphasis on her skillful country twang. She sets a standard for herself that every woman should adhere to. “If you’re gonna love me, love me right / If you’re gonna take me, take your time.” The greatest loves take the greatest while, and Andersen believes in that message as proved wholeheartedly in this song.