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Adam Doleac 'Barstool Whiskey Wonderland' Album Review

Singer-songwriter Adam Doleac has released his anticipated debut album. Barstool Whiskey Wonderland is a project that seems to have it all: heart, entrancing melodies, and a variety of stories to share.

Doleac is one of the many artists that prove Nashville is a 10-year town. Kane Brown, Gabby Barrett, and Darius Rucker are a few of the singers who have cut Doleac's songs. While he has been releasing music for a number of years, Doleac is finally ready to share his first full body of work with the public. “It feels long overdue, and it's the first time people can really see the whole me. An album is a cool thing. It allows you to tell a little bit more of your story, as opposed to just people knowing a song and not knowing you,” shared Doleac in a press release.

The album begins with a song bound to take fans back on a long country road. "Don't It Sound Alright" exposes Doleac's soothing vocals. He sings about his favorite parts of life including nature's wonders and the person he loves."Barstool Whiskey Wonderland, the title track, could also be paired with a nice, long drive. The track traces the thoughts that can plague someone's mind when feelings still exist after a breakup.

The duet featuring Danielle Bradbery stands out among the 18-song record. "Fake Love" is about realizing that what two people have may be deeper than what others seem to have. While singing lyrics about love feeling like "forcing puzzle pieces," Doleac makes a potentially tense situation feel loving. "This ain't that, that ain't us / We got truth, we got trust / We know that it's the real thing / When it wraps its arms around you." The inclusion of Bradbery's sweet voice makes the track all the more special.