Adam Doleac "Don't It Sound Alright" Song Review

Rising country music singer-songwriter Adam Doleac who grew up in Hattiesburg, Mississippi keeps dropping hit songs to the delight of his ever-growing fanbase. His fun song “Drinkin’ It Wrong” is quickly gaining popularity while his track “Somewhere Cool With You” continues to climb the charts on SiriusXM's The Highway. Doleac has also co-written hit songs with artists like Darius Rucker and has been marked as a rising star to watch on many lists including ones by Pandora Radio and Rolling Stone. Doleac chose the perfect single to follow those tracks with the release of “Don’t It Sound Alright” which dropped on April 1st.

Co-written with Josh Jenkins and Chris La Corte, “Don’t It Sound Alright” reveals yet another facet of Doleac’s talent. This catchy ditty is rhythmically playful with a poetic vibe that complements Doleac’s naturally husky, soft, and sultry vocals. The descriptive lyrics paint the picture of what it can look like to slow things down and appreciate the simple pleasures in life that matter most.

“Rich ain’t a house on a hill / And free is more than just a good deal / Yeah, life ain’t supposed to feel like a hamster wheel / But it does sometimes / So, let’s get the hell out of here / Roll the windows down drive ‘til we’re near / That little spot that no one else can find / Except you and I tonight, alright.”

“Don’t it Sound Alright” celebrates seizing the day and taking a step back to truly observe all our blessings, especially the people we love. As profound as the message is, this track doubles as a sure-fire summer hit with a feel-good and relaxing vibe.

“Take me down where the boat meets the water / Where the sun sinks down on a line and a bobber / Sitting in a truck bed, sipping red wine / Don’t it sound, don’t it sound alright, yeah.”

“Don’t It Sound Alright” hits all the right notes to be the kind of chill country song that sticks around.

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