Adam Doleac “Drinkin’ It Wrong” Song Review

Adam Doleac’s new song, “Drinkin’ It Wrong” may become country music’s next staple with the perfect blend between rock and roll and country. As more and more people are re-entering the bar and club scene, “Drinkin’ It Wrong” might just be the song to energize country music lovers everywhere.

After the success of “Coulda Loved You Longer,” which was released in 2021, we’ve been expecting big things from Doleac, and his new song does not disappoint. With an introduction featuring a banjo, this song promises an interesting take on the country genre which combines classical instruments with nuanced and modern guitar beats and patterns. The tone of the song is immediately reminiscent of some of  his other work; it features a similar infusion of rock while still staying true to country roots.

“It ain’t complicated / All you gotta do is get out of your own way / And let the good time come to you.”

The lyrics of “Drinkin’ It Wrong” aren’t just fun, but easily singable, especially with a group of friends. The focus on living in the moment with the people you care about gives the song an easy-going feel without being too bogged down by intensity. In a time in which it’s easy to get distracted by other worries in life, “Drinkin’ It Wrong” provides a musical escape.

“If you got work on your mind / If your worries ain’t gone / If it ain’t hitting you right / Well, you’re drinkin’ it wrong / If that bottle ain’t cold / You been holding it too long / I don’t know what you’ve been told / But you’re drinkin’ it wrong.”

A brand new song to start off the new year of 2022 is just what fans were waiting for. As the year continues, only time will tell what other great songs we’ll see from Doleac in the future.

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