Adam Doleac “Key To The City” Song Review

Singer/Songwriter, Adam Doleac’s newest single, “Key To The City” was released today, June 11th.

This Mississippi native is making his name known with several singles as well as previously working with Darius Rucker and Kane Brown. Buckle up for a new summer anthem, “Key To the City”. Starting out, the intro pulls you in with a marching band. The brass ring out as a deep, pop bass enters the picture. With ease, an image of a university band marching on a football field sets the scene as the song unfolds. The instrumentation pulls back as Doleac paints a view of an unstoppable group grasping the attention of the city, just as he’s grasping the attention of his audience.

Adam Doleac Key to the City

“We got the key to the city, we got the world in the palm of our hand, this is or moment, this is our time this is our chance”

Tension and release hold a tight grip on the listener, as the chorus comes in pumping you up to the lyrics “We got the key to the city. We got the world at the palm of our hands.” The song keeps that country-pop feel with the production of the chorus, featuring the marching band hook which was prominent in the intro. The ebb and flow continue, as the second verse mimics the first transitioning into the chorus once again. The second chorus comes to a close just as a gnarly electric guitar takes center stage. Once the guitar fades, everything drops out except for the band and Doleac’s vocal, causing tension before the satisfaction of hearing him belt that chorus one more time with the full marching band, electric, bass, and of course flawless harmonies.

There is no other way to describe this track other than calling it an earworm. You’ll be hearing this song on the radio, in your favorite venue, and in every stadium or field around. Get ready for a summer filled with Adam Doleac’s voice because, with this song, he’s got “The Keys To The City.”

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