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Adam Sanders ‘What If I’m Right’ Album Review

Adam Sanders just dropped his album What If I’m Right today, May 21st, take a look below as we dig into the entire album and why we think you’ll love it.

Sanders has a great voice, full of that country twang that we all love which lends well to high-tempo songs, ballads, and everything in between. The album has great variety and is well organized, showcasing mostly mid-tempo love songs, like “Just Need One,” “All About That,” and “What If I’m Right,” which each bring a unique storyline.

The writing on What If I’m Right is one of its strongest elements. It features many hit songwriters, including Sanders, who cowrote each and every song. One of the most beautiful and unique lyrics has to be from “I Got Roots,” where he sings, “I guess she got wings, and I got roots.” The song is one of the slower songs on the project and is a beautiful and heartbreaking song to the parents of a woman he loved, written after they let her move away.

This album also shows off Sanders’ personality, which is loveable and fun. The songs, especially “Daddy Jesus and Earnhardt” and “My Kinda People,” show that he is a country boy through and through. It’s impossible not to notice that songs like “In Case You’re Listening” show that he just might be a hopeless romantic, too.