Alana Springsteen “Me Myself And Why” Song Review

Emerging artist-songwriter, Alana Springsteen, picked up a guitar at age seven and wrote her first song by nine. Growing up she listened to superstars like Shania Twain, Faith Hill, Carrie Underwood, and Taylor Swift, and by 14 was set to blaze her own trail in honor of those iconic country women. She moved to Nashville and landed a publishing deal very soon after. Now at 21 years old, the Virginia Beach native is an undeniable force to be reckoned with.

For Springsteen, storytelling is something she has always focused on. It’s been said that “She writes with beyond-her-years poise”, and any fan of hers, or even a first time listener, can vouch for that. Today, Friday the fourth, the rising star continues to shed light on her name with the release of a brand new song, “Me Myself and Why.”

Following her latest project History of Breaking Up (Part 1), “Me Myself and Why” provides fans with the same rollercoaster of emotions. Her soft voice and miraculous way with words pull you in and keep you locked into listening until the end. Of course, then you have to listen at least four more times because Springsteen has a gift of making you feel a certain way, one in which you never want to stop feeling. There is no doubt that fans will find themselves relating to this track with their own story, as they do with most of her music.

“Me Myself and Why” invites you to see Springsteen’s vulnerable side and the emotions she experiences through her journey of love so far in her life as a young adult. It expresses who she is as not only a talented songwriter but as a resilient person. Getting caught up in feelings and getting lost in adoration; it’s an adventure of falling madly in love with a person only to be left with a broken heart.

“I try not to cry, but dammit I want to / I’m mad at myself / Why in the hell did I say that I love you / I don’t know what I was thinking / If I was thinking at all.”

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