Alana Springsteen “Trying Not To” feat. Roman Alexander

Alana Springsteen and Roman Alexander just dropped a steamy video for “Trying Not To”. Listen below.

Rising artist and songwriter Alana Springsteen continues to showcase her vulnerability, songwriting chops, and talent with her latest release, “Trying Not To”. The story of a push and pull relationship is drawn out by featuring another country up and comer, Roman Alexander. In the steamy video, the star-crossed ex-lovers share their feelings about the recent breakup and their delivery and harmonies are divine.

‘”Trying Not To’ is a song that came to life in the writing room. It was my first time writing with Jerry, Jared and Roman, and I’m not sure if it had to do with the four of us being such a great fit as collaborators or if we just had a really great day (maybe both?), but it felt like it almost wrote itself,” Springsteen shares in a recent press release. “We all knew right away that it needed to be out in the world. At its core, it’s about the push and pull of two people who know they’re not good for one another but just can’t seem to stay away. We wanted to describe that tension and how things that are wrong for you can also be what you want the most. It made so much sense for this to be a duet – the back and forth of the relationship is mirrored in the structure of the verses and Roman’s vocal brought so much energy to the track overall. I can’t wait for you to hear it!” 

Trying Not To Alana Springsteen Roman Alexander

In our recent chat with Springsteen, she explained that the way they wrote the song was more conversational, how you feel the tension of the lyrics. Watch our full interview below.

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