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Alana Springsteen “Zero Trucks” Song Review

Rising singer-songwriter Alana Springsteen is receiving critical acclaim for her masterful lyrical maturity blended seamlessly with her youthful, energetic delivery. Originally from Virginia Beach, Springsteen moved to Music City at the ripe age of 14 and had already been playing guitar for 7 years. 

Twenty-year-old Springsteen has had quite the year as Pandora’s 2021 Country Artist to Watch, passing 30 million on-demand streams, and becoming Ryan Seacrest Foundation’s newest Celebrity Ambassador. Now she’s adding to the excitement with the release of her latest single on July 9th, cleverly titled “Zero Trucks.”

This laid-back, high-energy song is a feel-good break-up anthem about rising above it all. Rather than getting jealous and drunk about an ex moving on, this song celebrates taking the high road.

Alana Springsteen Zero Trucks

“I hope y’all have fun. My good time is overdue. Nah baby, I’m not drunk. I’m sober and over you.”

Springsteen’s succinct lyrics get straight to the point and reveal insightful wisdom beyond her years. Not only did Springsteen co-write and co-produce this track, but she played th