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Andrea Jean Discusses Songwriting and New Music

When someone meets or listens to Andrea Jean, they'll realize she is one of those emerging talents that has unlimited potential. Nashville is a place where hopeful musicians come to make a name for themselves; Jean isn't looking to be a commercialized package as she is ready to pave her own way in the city, and beyond. Jean describes her sound as "country, pop, indie, and folk," so there's something for everyone when it comes to her catalog. Jean discussed all thing writing and what is coming next as she talked exclusively with The Nash News.

Music was always the path Jean hoped to take. "Ever since I was a little kid, I was singing, making up songs about my day. I had an immediate love for it," she shared. Later on, when she learned to play the guitar, she realized that creating music was just as enjoyable as singing. Jean is also an artist with a strong background in musical theater. "I did a lot of country-based musicals," Jean says with a laugh. She credits the stage for helping her sharpen her skills as a performer and artist.

Love is a theme for several artists in their work, but Jean knew what importance that feeling would carry. "I always used to say I couldn't write songs until I fell in love. In 2021 I started writing songs. In high school, it didn't feel quite right. I love writing now though," Jean shares. To be able to write a song, there needs to be an inspiration. Jean realized what doors would open up when love came into her life. She revealed that now most of her songs are love songs given she writes about her own experiences the most.

"Cowboy Man" is Jean's first single as she gears up to release her debut EP this spring. "This song was the first song I wrote where I had such deep feelings," Jean notes. As exciting and wild as love can be, Jean wanted to incorporate the style of the wild west into the track. When talking about her upcoming project, Jean explains, "All of the songs are solo writes, what I came up with alone in my bedroom. The guy I'm working with will help me make adjustments. I get influence from my boyfriend as well, he helps with ideas."