Andrew Dixon "Worth A Try" Song Review

Andrew Dixon has just released his latest single “Worth a Try.” A Georgia native, Dixon grew up living out the typical themes in country songs. Growing up on a farm, activities like fixing trucks, fishing, and hunting were very common, and his lifestyle heavily influenced his music. In 2021, Dixon dropped his first two singles, “Gambling on Our Hearts” and “Country Boy Prayin.’”

“Worth a Try” begins untraditionally and unexpectedly with a siren mixed into the instrumentation. Dixon details seeing a cute girl at the bar. He ponders on the idea of going up to her and asking her out, and the chorus describes his decision. It is here that the listener finally understands that the siren, in the beginning, refers to Dixon saying, “you best call the law” because he will not stop for anything.

“So I’m gonna hit the pedal to the metal, shoot my shot, don’t settle for nothing that ain’t just right. Yeah you best call the law, get ‘em all on the phone cuz I’m running all these stop signs. I’m a step up to the plate for the fence I might be in for one big miss/ but if the math in my head is right, that’s only one out of all three strikes so this might just be worth a try.”

The second verse changes the content. Dixon remembers being fifteen years old playing on the football team. As his high school coach calls him off the bench to get in the game, Dixon pumps himself up to take on the other team. The main idea of “Worth a Try” is very fitting for this scenario too.

The piece ends with an approximately 30-second instrumental fade out, and the siren makes a reappearance to prove that Dixon means what he says.

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