Andrew Jannakos “Wine Country” Song Review

Up-and-coming country singer Andrew Jannakos, a 26-year-old who got his start on The Voice has used his creativity to gain a huge following on TikTok amassing over 6.7 million likes on the app. On TikTok he posts covers and snippets of unreleased original songs; the app is also responsible for helping Jannakos land a recording contract with Sony Music. On Friday, March 26th, he released a new song titled “Wine Country,” which he had teased on the app in a video where he is cooking. “Wine Country” is a smooth-sounding love song that captures the intimacy stirring up between two people.

Andrew Jannakos Wine Country

On first listen, “Wine Country” may sound like a typical, slow-moving country love song, but what you’ll hear on the second listen are the innovative name drops in the lyrics. As Jannakos’ silky voice admires his lover, he makes references to iconic country stars such as in the first verse when he says, “Wanna drop a needle on some Conway Twitty.” In the second verse, he sings, “I’ve been saving this Patsy Cline 45 for a rainy day / Let’s dust it off.” In the repeating chorus, Jannakos compares himself to George Jones while he croons, “Settle on into them three chords / I could be your George Jones / Little six string picking gonna hold on.”

“Wine Country” is swoon-worthy and Jannakos has a natural sweetness in his lower register that exudes the feelings of the song effortlessly; this is the kind of song you’d play while you slow dance to in front of your fireplace at night while sipping on a glass of Merlot. “Wine Country” presents itself as a contrast to Jannakos’ breakout song “Gone Too Soon,” which has over 18 million streams on Spotify. Despite being slower in sound, the track is pure elation whereas “Gone Too Soon” is upbeat but contains bittersweet lyrics.

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