Anthony Nix "Mississippi" Song Review

Anthony Nix released his new song “Mississippi” on March 11, 2022. The new song hit all streaming platforms this past week. The song was written by Nix himself and produced by the famous producer Brandon Manley. His lyrics open the thought of comparing how good loving someone is to his favorite things. He sings “She’s better than a beer on a Sunday / or having off work on a Monday / jacked up and covered and mud hey.”

This song follows Nix’s most recent single release in the year 2020, “Because of You.” This new song “Mississippi”, with a more hardy undertone and a presence of strings in the background, is fairly more up-tempo with beautiful lulls to slow the tempo. Throughout the song, Nix tries to keep telling the story that if he is given the chance at this girl, he can make her his. This is conveyed by the lyric, “So can I have this dance / Can you feel that fire / Sparks lit up like the 4th of July / Will you take my hand and head on down this road / we’re gonna be the greatest love story ever told.”

For the young artist who has quite the following on Tik Tok, he hilariously and sarcastically captioned part of one of his most recent Instagram posts, “When they say it’s a formal event…but you literally don’t go anywhere without a ball cap on.” Referring to the picture of himself dressed up but still with a ball cap on. Indeed he’s anticipating this year to be a prosperous one and a year that is filled with new material and releases. Some of his other notable releases are “Broken Road”, “Around Here”, and “Whiskey Bent.”

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