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Ashland Craft “Make it Past Georgia” Song Review

Bold, rising singer-songwriter Ashland Craft was born in Piedmont, South Carolina, and taught herself to play guitar at just ten years old. Craft competed on Season 13 of The Voice and recently signed with Big Loud Records. Craft has been named Texas Roadhouse’s “Artist of the Month,” and made several 2021 Artists to Watch lists including Nashville Lifestyles, Pandora, and Country Now. 

Craft has opened tours for big country names like Luke Combs and has announced a much-anticipated debut album Travelin’ Kind that drops on September 3rd. In the meantime, the singer-songwriter is teasing and delighting her growing fanbase with the release of a new song from that album called “Make it Past Georgia” out now. 

“Make it Past Georgia” quickly reveals a softer edge to Craft’s unique and bewitching Southern-rock sound. Her voice still carries the power, intensity, and grit she is known for but is carefully unobtrusive to reflect the intimacy and vulnerability of this emotional song. The melody and lyrics draw the listener right into the mysterious undertones of a carefully crafted lyrical tale as we travel with Craft through state lines and broken hearts. 

Ashland Craft

“I left Texas in the red dirt dust, it was easy leaving Louisiana. I hit 80 in a 55 just tryin’ to cross Alabama line. Don’t miss a thing about Mississippi. Carolina keeps calling me, but I can’t seem to make it past Georgia.”

Craft describes the long journey to Music City and to make it as an artist that took a lot of work, dedication, and goodbyes to places and to people. Some places and people were easier to leave than others, and Craft points to a love in Georgia that she just can’t let go. 

“Spinning my wheels stuck in what we had. I wonder if Georgia’s still thinking about me.”

“Make it Past Georgia” is a literal and metaphorical adventure that is both musically and lyrically touching and profound. Craft has fine-tuned her sound to reflect her evolution as an artist willing to dig deep and expose her inner workings with integrity and a bucket load of talent. 

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