Ashland Craft “Your Mama Still Does” Song Review

Big Loud Records country music artist Ashland Craft from Piedmont, South Carolina, continues to create breakthrough music for her ever-growing fanbase as she teases her much-anticipated debut album Travelin’ Kind that drops on September 3rd. The second song from that album is titled “Your Mama Still Does” and it just dropped on August 6th.

“Your Mama Still Does” describes a woman’s last-ditch effort to keep a love that she feels was meant to last forever. You can’t listen to this catchy song without singing along or without hoping the boy in question will listen to his mama and change his mind.

“But I ain’t the only one holdin’ on, hopin’ you’ll change your mind.”

This track is a return to showcasing Craft’s unique Southern-rock vibe and powerful country grit that we love her for. The melodies in this song flow as freely as Craft’s spirit while the lyrics give the listener little glimpses of a broken heart that isn’t ready to give up on love.

“I thought we had a good thing goin’. It kinda had a ring to it. I thought if anybody ever coulda made it to forever. That me and you could do it.”

Craft’s intensity and emotional undertones are a perfect match for this story of the resilience of an independent woman who also happens to be a hopeless romantic. This dichotomous theme matches what we’ve seen of Craft so far—an artist who can be many things at once and can’t be shoved into a box or labeled. 

Ashland Craft

But you don’t even think about pickin’ up the phone. You don’t even think about sayin’ you were wrong. You don’t even miss what me and you had. Yeah, I bet you don’t even think about that. You don’t even call me sayin’ you’re sorry and you messed up. Yeah, but your mama still does.”

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