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Ashley Cooke Discusses Working with Brett Young and Teases New Music

After her festival set in the rain at Country Jam USA, The Nash News got to catch up with Big Loud's recent signee Ashley Cooke to discuss performing on The Bachelorette, collaborating with star Brett Young, and what fans can look forward to this year.

"Never Til Now," a precious love song, appeared on Cooke's first LP Already Drank That Beer as a solo recording before she added Brett Young on a re-recorded duet version of the track. "I've loved Brett Young's music for a very long time so it was really cool," she stated. "I think it gave people that already felt like that song told their story even more so a way to resonate with it because it told both sides of a story."

A few weeks ago, Cooke made her national television debut on The Bachelorette performing the tune alongside Young. "Things went a little bit different than we planned," she said, hinting at the drama taking place in the episode she featured in, "But it ended up being really amazing and kind of played into the meaning of why I wrote the song 'Never Til Now' anyway, so it really was special and cool." Cooke also mentioned that Young had already done the show in the past, so he was able to mentor Cooke through it.