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Ashley Cooke 'shot in the dark' Album Review

Ashley Cooke is ready to make her mark in today's country music landscape. The singer has released her debut album, shot in the dark, and it is well worth the wait. Through songs that feel personal and highly relatable, Cooke manages to let baring one's feelings look as effortless as ever.

Cooke opens the album with "tastes like." Everyone can understand associating things with a former flame. In this song's case, it's the taste of whiskey. The track is what Cooke deems an "uptempo negative" per a press release. The honest lyrics serve to introduce listeners to an album full of unapologetic songs.

The highs and lows of heartbreak are detailed all over this record; however, Cooke puts her own perspective that relates to young women in 2023. "your place" is all about setting boundaries for oneself. If an ex chose to leave, then they don't get the right to have an impact on one's life. It's definitely a tune that many might be needing. "moving on with grace" is one that Cooke has been performing on stage, and fans have been loving it. It's truly an anthem about enjoying moving on from someone. In songs inspired by love lost, Cooke lets everyone know it doe