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Ashley McBryde ‘Never Will: Live From A Distance’ Album review

In just one album, Never Will: Live From A Distance, Ashley McBryde manages to combine different styles, voices, and themes of country music in almost all of her songs, providing a unique listening experience. This new project helps to bring life to the songs that were originally released during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic.

McBryde has written, or helped write, almost every single song on this album, with the exception of just two songs, “Shut Up Sheila” and “Styrofoam.” Some songs are reminiscent of old-school country, while others are a hybrid genre of rock and country. Whether you’re looking to jam out to an electric guitar or sing along in your best country twang, McBryde’s Never Will has a song for every occasion.

Have you ever had a family friend that is judgmental and maybe a little rude? “Shut Up Sheila” captures that frustration. “Sheila” is judging the family for not praying, reading from the Bible, or handling things in Sheila’s way. To answer Sheila’s judgement for the family not living a perfect life, McBryde promptly sings, “Shut up Sheila.” McBryde’s voice in this song does not have as thick of a country twang as some of her other songs, and the instrumentation is similar to classic rock influences, featuring a lengthy electric guitar solo like Aerosmith or Guns N’ Roses. “First Thing I Reach For,” like “