Ashley Monroe ‘Rosegold’ Album Review

Today, April 30th, Grammy-nominated country music star, Ashley Monroe released her 5th studio album Rosegold. She has been working on this album for the past two years co-producing it one song at a time.

Monroe collaborated with many well-known writers and producers to perfect the sound and style of this album, and each song draws you further and further into her dreamy vocals. “Drive” is Rosegold’s lead single and sets the tone for the whole album. Her soft sound paired with the electric guitar gives this track a different kind of sultriness from Monroe that she says she “imagines singing while driving down a desert highway.”

“‘Til it Breaks” has the same soothing, dreamlike sound but with a different story. This song is about getting through hard times and how in some situations things have to get worse before they get better. “Wouldn’t know from the outside, but you’re inside out,” these lyrics are a nod to those who go through these hard times alone and put on a smile for the rest of the world.

Ashley Monroe Rosegold

“Groove” is the seventh track on the project and is one that you just can’t help but dance around to and you will find yourself listening to over and over. Monroe said in a press release, “When Aaron Raitiere, Mikey Reaves, and I wrote this, we knew it was cool. But I was hell bent on getting so many grooves in there that it was almost like a duet with me and the instruments. I had Chris Powell, Brian Allen, and Zach Casebolt come in to give it so much groove, that no one could resist moving when they heard it. They slayed! I wrote this to all who like how they groove, and a tad to Nashville in the second verse. It is the ‘don’t act like you don’t see me vibes.’” This album is different from her others, as Monroe stated, “I’ve always been good at writing sad songs because I’ve experienced a lot of sadness in my life. When my son was born, though, it was like some sort of innocence got plugged back into my heart. I’d never really felt that kind of joy before, and I wanted to find a way to make it last. I told everyone I was working with that I didn’t want even a hint of sadness this time around. I wanted to embrace all the light and love in my life and find ways to share it with people.”

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