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Ashley Ryan "One Tractor Mind" Song Review

Country artist Ashley Ryan released her latest single, “One Tractor Mind” on July 14th, 2023. Fans of country music may recognize the name from Ryan’s single "Hust Little Baby," which was released earlier this year, “Hush Little Baby." The track now has over 4 million streams on Spotify. Ryan is just getting started and has already left a significant mark on Nashville and the country music scene. The California native planted her roots in Nashville back in 2018 and has been releasing great music ever since.

“One Tractor Mind” comes just in time for the heat of summer. Ryan has a talent for incorporating traditional country sound while maintaining a fresh, contemporary style. “One Tractor Mind” is an instant summer classic. Ryan’s latest single has every element of a great summer sound. The clever writing is sure to put a smile on the face of listeners and the upbeat melody makes it almost impossible to resist dancing along. Ryan sings, “I know, he knows / I’m only thinking one thing / Something about his diesel’s got me coming undone / I’m always asking him for a ride / I’ve got a one tractor mind.”

“One Tractor Mind” is an absolute pleasure to listen to, and perfectly showcases Ryan’s

multifaceted talent. Her latest single is a triumph, showcasing her artistic growth and ability to captivate audiences. With its authentic country sound, compelling lyrics, and Ryan's exceptional vocal performance, the single is a must-listen for anyone looking to smile.

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