Austin Burke 'Changed Everything' EP Review

Singer-songwriter Austin Burke released his brand new EP titled “Changed Everything” on Friday, March 25. This release marks the first time since 2017 that Burke has put out a project, and it feels right on time.

The Arizona native began performing for anyone that would listen at the age of three. He would go on to perform the national anthem for Arizona sports teams like the Diamondbacks and the Suns. Burke derives much of his musical inspirations from West Coast country-rock. He even admits to loving EDM music for its unmistakable energy.

On Changed Everything, Burke searches for himself and plants a more confident foot as a rising country act. “I'm now grateful for the time that I've gotten to dig deeper into my music and figure out what I want to say. I'm happy to say that I now have that answer. Finding yourself as an artist is is never an easy thing to do but it's something that excites me about this release,” said Burke about the new collection in a press release.

The title track introduces you to the EP with a strong presence. “Changed Everything” feels like a window into Burke’s mind as he sings, “Baby I changed for the better, got my shit together, like you always wanted me to.” With the help of an up-tempo melody, the lyrics send a message that it’s never too late for a needed change. A song with a similar appreciation for someone special, undoubtedly his wife Lexy, is “Town Home.” It depicts the sweet feeling you discover when you find the right person to build the rest of your life with.

“Let It Burn” had reached No.1 on the Country iTunes charts when it was first released in January. It’s a song that Burke wrote candidly about his parents divorce about having to accept letting someone go, even when you don’t want them to. “Let you find a spark with someone you deserve, it’ll hurt, but imma let it burn.” “Ain’t Gonna Break My Heart” is another track about the trials of the heart. Burke sings about getting ahead of the forthcoming pain by belting out, “Long as I don’t leave this bar, you ain’t gonna break my heart.”

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