Austin Burke “Let It Burn” Song Review

After teasing snippets of the song on his social media pages, Austin Burke has finally released “Let It Burn,” the second single from his upcoming EP entitled Changed Everything.

“Let It Burn” offers a different, more personal look into Burke’s life and the experiences that have shaped him compared to his previous single and title track for the EP, “Changed Everything.” In a video on Instagram, Burke shows his siblings a preview of the single and explains that this song is about their parents’ divorce. Knowing this context makes “Let It Burn” even more touching.

The opening lyrics that read, “No I’m not sure how, how to say it/ But I’m not sure if we can save this” begin this difficult conversation Burke hints at. As the song progresses, Burke reveals the overall message that it is okay to let someone go when they are not the right person for you.

"Let It Burn" by Austin Burke

In the second half of the chorus, Burke sings, “Let it all go up in flames / My whole life and all my dreams / Let you find a spark with someone you deserve / It’ll hurt but I’ma let it burn.” This statement reminds listeners how divorce impacts all involved. In the end, going their separate ways will burn and sting, but it is ultimately the best way to handle the situation.

“Let It Burn” is the last single Burke will release before his EP drops on March 25th, 2022.

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