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Avery Anna 'Mood Swings' EP Review

Avery Anna has released her new EP, Mood Swings. This follows the release of her social media viral track, “Critic” earlier this year.

The breakout song turned lead single shares the story of an insecure boyfriend that’s overcritical of every little thing. She sings, “You tell me I’m wrong and I listen / Convince me that I should be different / Yeah, and I love you and I wish I didn’t / But I do, I do / And I thought I was my own worst critic / But it’s you / It’s you, I should leave." This heartbreaking track is relatable to someone of any age and shows a maturity that is beyond Anna's years.

Hailing from Arizona, Anna grew up singing and journaling, which later led to songwriting. She went viral on Tik Tok in October of 2020 and people were immediately drawn in by her emotional and mature voice. Since graduating from high school in May, she has already signed a label deal with Warner Music Nashville, spent time on the Hot Country Songs chart, and made her Grand Ole Opry debut. Needless to say, this has been an exciting and life-changing year for Anna.

Another emotional song that’s received a lot of attention is “Narcissist”. This was co-written with David Fanning, Ben Williams, and Andy Sheridan. This song was a result of a journal entry by Anna that was about a former relationship. According to a press release, Anna realized that writing this song allowed her to identify these feelings and get this emotional baggage off of her chest. It was healing in a way that only music can provide.

The lines, “Today I cried for no reason / Made me feel like a psychopath / I should hate you ‘cause I love you / You should hate yourself for treating me like that / We both know you only love you / Did you know they have a name for that?” are deep cutting and one can hear the pain in Anna’s voice. It’s no wonder this song caught the attention of Kelly Clarkson and was covered by her on one of her “Kellyoke” segments on The Kelly Clarkson Show.

While we all love a good sad song, Anna also includes some upbeat and feel-good tunes on this EP. “Good Day” is catchy and easy to play on repeat. With the lyrics, “I got some Vans on my feet, that sunshine shinin’ on me / I got some holes in my jeans, my knees be catchin’ that breeze / I’m singing “ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh” let ‘em say what they say” this song is carefree and feels lighthearted as soon as it starts.

This EP is a reflection of the different emotions that Anna has experienced over the last several years. Beyond what's shown on social media, Anna offers her fans a different side of herself and allows them to get to know her a little better with a project that addresses a wide range of emotions.

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