Bailey James “The Crow” Song and Video Review

At just 19 years old, multi-genre country singer, guitarist, and songwriter Bailey James already has seven years under her belt performing in Music City at legendary venues like The Bluebird Café, The Listening Room, and Wildhorse Saloon. James maintains stability as a member of the all-female country music singer-songwriting weekly showcase Song Suffragettes as she continues to grow her over 250,000 strong fanbase on social media.

James is breaking out onto the scene with the release of 16 singles and one EP. While her latest track “Finally Free” is currently charting on Billboard, James dropped a brand new single “The Crow” on April 13th that further propels her toward the country music mainstream.

“The Crow” opens with strong lyrics framed by soft vocals that capture the confusion and mental fog of grief. “I had a dream I was woken up from a nightmare / And never fell back asleep / So maybe I’m right there.”

James wrote this song to honor her late brother whose favorite animals were crows. The accompanying video further intensifies the haunting aspects of the track with overexposure editing to make it look like an older film. The video also parallels James’ bewitching vocals with its gothic undertones, flying crows, and James’ barefoot, earthy oneness with nature. James can hit and stretch out the high notes with a rock edge reminiscent of Ann Wilson—she has a soulful, twangy style that is all her own and beyond her years.

The lyricism of "The Crow" strikes the same depth as James’ vocals as she paints the agonizing portrait of dealing with loss by grasping for comfort and direction through the things the person lost once loved.

“Spread your wings, spread your wings / Cut through the clouds and meet me high /I can’t do this on my own / Life is like a broken road / So I…I follow the crow.”

James earned her strength the hard way, by dealing with grief at a tender age. The combination of her wisdom-soaked, emotion-tinged vocals with rock, blues, and soul influences makes for epic country music that is refreshingly unique. “The Crow” cements James as a country music trailblazer who is here to stay.

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