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Bailey Taylor 'Christmas Love' Album Review

Bailey Taylor, a Pittsburgh native turned recent Nashville transplant to pursue her passion for being a singer-songwriter. An honest and true storyteller through her lyrics, Taylor has just released a timely, seasonal album titled Christmas Love

Teasing her album by pre-releasing “Christmas With You Again," a song about her uncle B.E Taylor who passed in 2016, listeners could tell what they were in for with this album. An LP full of memories and love about the holiday seasons with your family. A true, relatable, and heartfelt collection of songs.

“Wrap Your Problems Up” is a fun upbeat song highlighting each family member and what they do during the holidays while relieving their stress. The quirky yet endearing lyricism captures how everyone feels some bit of stress when getting everything together during the holiday season. “You gotta wrap your problems up and put a bow on it / When you've had enough of your relationships / And everyone is yelling because everyone is stressing come on / When the holidays too much, getting close to giving up / When the day is almost done that’s when grandma spikes the punch.” The beat makes this catchy Christmas ditty an immediate earworm.

"Grown-Up Christmas List” starts with a beautiful piano intro and continues under her soft voice. Her warm, raspy voice makes us feel the passion behind the words which will get listeners right in the heart. Although this song is a cover of a beloved classic, Taylor brings her own original flare and makes listeners feel as though they are listening to it for the first time again.

Everyone loves a good Christmas love song, and that's exactly what “Your Last Name” is. Perfectly describing what it’s like waiting to be proposed to and hoping it comes around the holiday season, Taylor writes to that. She exclaims, "Everyone keeps asking if you'll ask me / On Christmas eve by the tree / And I've waited patiently so baby get on one knee with a ring / The only thing that I want / Something better than gifts is at the top of my list / Your last name." Throughout the storytelling, she makes references to holiday cliches like hallmark movies and milk and cookies.

The title track “Christmas Love” centers around the blissful cheer that comes with the holiday season. People are kinder to each other and things are more peaceful. There is nothing better than the feeling of Christmas and Taylor captures its indescribable magic: “There's something 'bout Christmas love / I don’t know what it does / Strangers talking while they're walking like old friends do.” The combination of instruments in the interlude ties the entire song together, seamlessly wrapping it up like a perfect gift.

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