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Bailey Zimmerman "Religiously" Song Review

Bailey Zimmerman has been making waves in the country music scene. Since getting his start in 2021, Zimmerman has yet to miss. His two biggest hits, “Rock and A Hard Place” and “Fall In Love” put the midwesterner on the map. His latest single, “Religiously” acts as the title track for his just-announced debut record coming on May 12th.

Zimmerman’s popularity was greatly accelerated by his social media presence. The 23-year-old sensation has over 2.2 million followers on TikTok. This rapid road to stardom has been made possible through plenty of young people who identify with his lyrics and sound.

“Religiously” is a raw, country love tragedy that fits perfectly within his style. The Louisville native is known for his raspy voice and clever writing. Zimmerman pushes these talents to their limit in his latest single. Zimmerman exclaims, “And now I'm in this cold bright light / And this don't even feel like life / ‘Cause I don’t have the only woman who believed in me / Religiously." The combination of dramatic vocal belting and perfect songwriting evokes