Becca Bowen “Glitter” Song Review

Country singer Becca Bowen, the self-proclaimed “Country Barbie” and recent addition to Pop Wrapped’s list of Country Artists to Watch in 2022, released her newest song titled, “Glitter.” This song preaches a relevant message about confidence and inner beauty through honest and relatable lyricism, as it follows her 2021 single “Just Be You.”

“Yea, you’re pretty, got the hair, got the makeup / But you still feel like not enough / I wish you had an x-ray machine / You can see what I see, a heart that’s beaming love / The power you possess is amazing, yea blazing / Don’t you know you can change the world / If you unleash and believe / underneath you’re so much more than beautiful.”

The up-and-coming country artist earned her nickname of “Country Barbie,” growing up in pageants and spending weekends outdoors. Putting this tomboy with a tiara to the test, Bowen was featured on the Outdoor Channel and was the season 5 winner of “For Love or Likes,” the world’s only all-women hunting competition to test if they are posting for their love of outdoors or for the likes for fame.

"Glitter" by Becca Bowen

Although she was sporting camo throughout the competition last April, her new single has a little more shimmer. “You shine, you sparkle just like glitter / They can never out shimmer you / You’re so bright, you haven’t lost your flicker / You sparkle just like glitter, like glitter.”

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