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Ben Burgess Discusses Debut Album 'Tears the Size of Texas'

Ben Burgess is no stranger to country music. A gifted and prolific songwriter, Burgess has penned countless songs that fans have come to love, including "Whiskey Glasses" sung by Morgan Wallen. Now, the time has come for the singer to show everyone who he is as an artist. Burgess discussed all things Tears The Size of Texas with The Nash News, and more about the man behind some of the genre's biggest hits.

As far as wanting to pursue a career in music, Burgess knew from a young age how special music can be. "My dad raised me to be a song and dance man. He always had the video camera and his buddies around wanting me to sing some songs," shares Burgess. In Nashville, it can often be a long road to success. Burgess touched on the "yes's and no's and plenty of closed doors" that led him to where he is today. "If you think you got a talent, and you think you're good at it, you have to go for it."

Burgess' excitement and enthusiasm could be felt throughout the conversation. He went on to say, "We put so much work into the making of the album and the songs. I feel like there's so many pieces happening, and I'm so proud of it." Those "pieces" he refers to are undoubtedly the variety of stories he writes. The press release for this album described the content of his first LP as "cowboy songs and two murder ballads." The track "Kill A Man" is as honest as it comes.