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Best Country Music Bars in Chicago

Some amazing country music bars can be found in Chicago, and with country music bars come some of the best live performers on the scene. Here are five Windy City venues where you can hear artists play.

1. Carol's Pub

Enjoy karaoke, a cold beer, and some classic country music at Carol’s Pub. Karaoke night is every Tuesday and ‘90s Night is every Wednesday. Carol’s hires live performers on Fridays and Saturdays to perform. David Grahm, Trace Hamilton, and Caroline Jones from Zac Brown Band have all been recent performers.

2. Bub City

If you’re looking for both traditional and new-fashioned bluegrass tunes in one place, look no further. Bub City has it all. It’s great for listening to a broad scope of country music simply because there are so many different musicians and groups who perform there. Karaoke nights backed up by a live band are on Wednesdays at 10 p.m. while bluegrass musicians and bands perform Thursday through Saturday.

3. The Hideout

The Hideout has live shows every day…sometimes multiple times a day, so patrons will be able to experience a wide variety of country music from different performers. For a $5-12 cover, you can listen to Spirit of the Bear and Happy Hour favorite Kent Rose on the same night.

4. Joe’s on Weed St.