Best Unreleased Country Songs

Singers have often teased songs they have been working on by posting them on their social media. With live shows put on hold last year, there seemed to have been a resurgence of artists showcasing unreleased work. Fans love feeling like they can give feedback or input to their favorite stars. Here are our picks for the best unreleased songs in country music today.

1. “Ever Mine” by Luke Combs

“Some of these boys aren’t much older than our own, they fight like men and then they get cut down before they’re grown. It is my prayer, that our daughter and our sons wrap their arms around each other and never around a gun.”

2. “Didn’t Do” by Carly Pearce

“I ain’t gonna go and tell you what he did but I’ll tell you what he didn’t do: treat me right, put me first, be a man of his word, stay home cause he wanted to.”

3. “Mamma’s Front Door” by Thomas Rhett

“Marching up to it, just barely 16, she said be back by 10, and at 9:54 I kissed you goodnight at your momma’s front door.”

4. “Though You Should Know” by Morgan Wallen

“I thought you should know that all those prayers you thought you wasted on me must’ve finally made their way on through.”

5. “Boy I Was Back Then” by Dylan Scott

“I used to tear that town up, I used to burn them bars down, I used to act all real tough, I used to try and show out.”

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