BEXAR “Key To Life” Song Review

Warner Music Nashville’s rising country band BEXAR, pronounced BEAR, is excited about their label debut EP which will be available everywhere on September 3rd. Last Friday, they dropped the first teaser called “Key To Life”.

“This project is the cumulation of years of work and persistence by our whole team. These songs mean the world to us. We feel like they are a true representation of who we are as musicians and more importantly as people”, the band said in a press release. On Friday the 13th, the day they announced they have an EP coming out, they also released “Key To Life”, one of the tracks on the upcoming six-song collection.

As artists are beginning to get back on the road and take the stage again, BEXAR has a good feeling that this is going to be a successful year for them as musicians. By the looks of how well their past releases, “One Day” and “Again” have done, and now following those with the upbeat, and good vibe track “Key To Life”, the band should have all the confidence in the world.

“Key To Life” is filled with great beats and vocals, but if you dig into the lyrics you’ll learn it also provides a great message. It’s all about how at the moment it may not have happened the way you wanted it to, but when you look back on it you’ll realize that it happened the way you needed it to. The key to life is to be grateful for the simple things because you will one day be in awe of how every little thing added up and brought you somewhere you always wanted to be.

“Some doors swing wide open, some stay forever closed / I may not know it all / One thing I know is / The key to life ain’t opening a lock to a bag full of money / The key to life ain’t under the mat to some green grass sunny / It’s the simple things like you and me eastbound down no place to be just driving around turning that key to life.”

BEXAR has everything it takes to make it to where they want to be. Shortly after the release of the forthcoming EP, the band will be alongside country superstar Keith Urban on “Keith Urban Live – Las Vegas”.

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